Find All The Top Converting Keywords For Your Product In Seconds
Special Annual Pricing Discount: $297/yr for 1000 Max Credits Per Month for 12 Months 
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Question 1: Does Reverse ASIN Search My Listings for Keywords?
No, even better.  Other tools look at your listing to determine what keywords you should target.  Keyword Inspector Reverse ASIN tool shows the keywords customers are using to find your listings even if that keyword isn't in your listing at all.  It's a magic wand to know exactly what your customer wants to buy.
Question 2: Does Reverse ASIN work in the UK and DE?
Yes!  It works in the US, UK, and DE Amazon marketplaces.
Question 3: How do the credits work? Do they expire every month?
Every month you will get a maximum of 1000 credits assigned to you that you can use for Reverse ASIN searches.  They do not rollover every month so take advantage and use them to spy on your competition and profit from keywords they are missing as much as you can. Yes, they expire and recharge back to 1000 every month.
Question 4: What's the Normal Price for these credits?
The normal price for 1000 credits is $69.95 per month.  So... as you can see this is a crazy deal ...
Plus as a special bonus video, you'll also receive: The 9 Minute Reverse ASIN Hack That Generates Tons of Low ACoS Amazon $ales
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